Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Two-Toned Cheetah Print Cookies

 Just in case you're feeling wild this Valentine's Day. (Too much?)
 These cheetah print cookies are actually pretty easy, especially since I cheeted and used a stencil. (Haha...get it? Cheetah, cheeted? Yeah, I'm lame). 

I started with basic cut-out cookies, frosted with white royal icing that has completely dried and hardened. (Note: Will, my boyfriend, ate one of these cookies, and as sweet as he is was trying not to hurt my feelings and sheepishly said, "Yeah, babe, your cookies...they're really good...but...um....the frosting...it's...well, hardened...just a little bit... :/ :/ :/." So you might need to explain to people that royal icing is supposed to harden on the cookies and that's totally normal). 
 And for these I used a stencil. I bought a few sets of stencils in the craft section at Wal-Mart a while back for about $4. I wasn't that happy with how they transfer frosting, but they work really well when using these edible Foodwriter pens.
 Simple hold the stencil down over the cookie and draw in between the spaces with your main color.
 I chose red for Valentine's Day.
Once you've covered the cookie in the "basic" cheetah print design, go back and fill in the design with a black Foodwriter pen, making almost flower-like shapes.
There's really no right way to fill in the design (or tutorials on the internet, I looked). I just added little black circles to the red open areas, connecting some of the red pieces with large black oblong shapes. It looks crazy as you do it, but once you step back and survey the cookie it will look much better.

 I also did a smaller cookie using black as the main color and red as my accent.
 Opposites attract, right?
 I couldn't decide which my favorite was.
 I also decided to throw in a blue one. Will loves UK basketball and I've been thinking about doing something UK themed for his Valentine's Day treats since he isn't as into pink hearts and love. Funny story, before he first said those magic three words, we had a moment together where he said, "I love you......uhh, K basketball. I love UK basketball." We still joke about it today.
 I can just picture these cookies tied with a cute little bow and given as a gift.
 What sweet treats are you making your Valentine this year?
 Stay tuned for more Valentine's Day goodies!
 And for a tutorial on the entire animal-print plate!

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