Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Springtime Nail Polish Marshmallow Tootsie Rolls

Happy Spring everyone! Today was absolutely beautiful here in Cincinnati (high of 78+) and for the first time since last fall I was able to wear flip flops today. And not just any flip flops, but these beautiful Tory Burch flip flops my sister got me for my birthday that I'm absolutely obsessed with. What goes hand-in-hand with flip flops? Nail polish of course. Naturally, I had to paint my toes this morning since they would be on display, which seemed to fit perfectly with this cute summery treat.
I saw a version of these nail polish treats on Pinterest where the marshmallows were dipped in frosting and attached to the Tootsie Roll with melted chocolate, which inspired me to see if I could make a simplified version. All you need is large marshmallows  Tootsie Rolls, sugar, and food coloring. How easy is that?

Pick up a bag of jumbo jet-puffed marshmallows and "Midgees" size Tootsie Rolls.
Take one Tootsie Roll and one marshmallow, and carefully push the Tootsie Roll into one of the flat sides of the marshmallow.
 Be careful with the Tootsie Roll or else you can morph the marshmallow.
 Instead of squeezing the Tootsie Roll into the marshmallow (above), I had much better luck when twisting the Tootsie Roll back and forth, gradually creating a hole in the marshmallow to fit the candy.
See the difference?
Once you have your white "nail polish," you'll need to get some colored sugar or sanding sugar ready.
 Since I wanted to keep this simple and easy, I dyed white granulated sugar to coat the marshmallow in. These would look much better if coated with colored sanding sugar, as you would have more vibrant and uniform colors.
 Take a bowl full of granulated sugar and add a few drops of the color you want.
 Using the back of a large spoon begin to crush the food coloring into the white sugar.
 Continue crushing and mixing the sugar until you've reached the desired color. 
 Next, take your marshmallow and sprinkle it with some water. You can dip it into a bowl full of water or lightly run it under the faucet. Make sure you get the entire marshmallow wet or else the sugar will not adhere to spots.
 While the marshmallow is still wet, dip it into the bowl of colored sugar, rolling it around completely, using a spoon to ensure you cover the marshmallow completely.
And voila!
Pretty cute, right?
The size is pretty close to normal nail polish, this is a square bottle that isn't quite as big as most polishes but is significantly larger than the mini bottles. 
You can repeat the process with any color. Again, keep in mind that dyeing granulated sugar doesn't give a nice color and using sanding sugar would really improve the appearance of these if you decided to make them for an event.
Be careful when dipping the marshmallows because I did have the Tootsie Rolls fall off if I wasn't careful or they weren't pushed down all of the way. 
I combined the blue and red sugar thinking that it would make a nice purple polish...however I got this weird brownish color. But, the beauty of nail polish is that it comes in virtually any color, including weird brownish-purples. I wasn't going to take a picture of this one when it dawned on me that this would make a nice color for your toes and I decided to include it. 
They aren't perfect, but for how quick and easy they are to make, I think they turned out pretty well. And there's no need to melt chocolate or make a frosting to melt and dip them in (where you worry about melting the delicate marshmallows and the marshmallow hardening and all sorts of issues)
Also, I can't tell you how good these were to eat. Sugar, dipped in sugar, topped with candy? SIGN ME UP!

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