Sunday, April 28, 2013

Transforming Peeps Yellow Marshmallow Bunnies--Pikachu and Despicable Me Minions

These minion marshmallows are made from a deconstructed yellow Peeps bunny. 
 "Like every former fat kid, I love marshmallows." --The Sandwich King on Chopped.
I would definitely have to agree with these infinite words of wisdom. And marshmallow peeps are so easy to transform with edible food pens like Wilton's FoodWriters. The have such personality and can be really fun to play around with--especially because you get to eat them all at the end of the day!

 Bakerella herself inspired this post with her adorable Pikachu peeps pops found here: Peeps have so much personality and are so easy to transform. Can you see the difference created just by pinching their ears?
 For the Pikachu peeps, pinch the bunny ears into points and color the tops black using an edible food marker.
 Add red rosy cheeks and whatever facial expression you'd like. Note: FoodWriters have a very thick tip with a tiny point (they look like a chocolate chip) which makes it very difficult to accurately draw. While they're an inexpensive option (~$5 for the pack), I would really recommend getting a higher quality set if at all possible.
 You can also draw on the back of the peeps. The marshmallow sugar makes things a bit difficult, getting all over the markers and resulting in faded lines instead of strong colors.
Here's a peep flipped over and upside down. It makes a pretty nice outline for a little man. 
 Here's the bald version. He just seems so happy, doesn't he?
 Here's the Rogaine version with hair.
 And the creepy version.
 Can't you just imagine this creepy guy peep hitting on the girl peeps?
 I also tried pulling off the ears to get more of a circus peanut shape.
 However, it looked a little weird having an awkward white patch.
 And it was difficult to get a nice clean line because of how the ears are attached. 
 I also tried disassembling the marshmallow into smaller pieces.
 I tried to make a little minion. Wouldn't these be cute cupcake toppers?
 Pinch the sides in to create the oval shape and add the infamous goggles and a small spike of hair.
 Can't you just picture these sticking out of a frosting swirl? Marshmallows are one of the best kid-friendly decorations--no one likes the taste of fondant! They may not look as perfect, but hey, who cares when they taste so great?

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  1. Didn't your mother teach you not to play with your food?? Lol. Cute idea!!