Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July Fail--Air Head Cupcake Streamers

So lately I've been trying out different ways to use Air Heads instead of fondant. Air Heads taste so much better and essentially are just sheets of chewy sugar, so I figured what's the difference, right? Well, turns out they're a little bit tricky. 
First off, they're impossible to find. 
 Gone of the days of riding your bike down to First Stop with your sister to get Air Heads and War Heads for five cents a piece. I think the Mutual Life Peanuts commercials would agree with me that more things should be five cents. I bought this bag at Walmart and while it advertised containing cherry, watermelon, and blue raspberry, there were no watermelon to be found. I also bought a bag by the checkouts of full-sized Air Heads that contained one of every color (blue, red, orange, purple, green, and the white "mystery" flavor). 
 My idea was to make red and blue streamers, like these New Years Eve cupcakes from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, found HERE. They look easy enough, right?
 So I just took a mini Air Head.
 And cut off a strip. 
 And wrapped it around a pen that had been washed with warm soapy water. 
 Slide it off and voila! Cupcake Air Head streamer. 
 I tried different sizes and thicknesses, by pulling and stretching the Air Heads to make them longer or thicker. 
 With difference sized spirals. 
And they all looked pretty cute. I was pretty excited.
...Until I tried putting them on an actual cupcake...
For some reason, they looked awful. The Air Heads got flimsy and easily lost their shape or would fall over, and without a giant clock (Flava Flav cupcakes, anyone??), the streamers just didn't look right. 
Fourth of July Fail.
But hey, they still tasted good! That's all that matters, right? Flav would approve. 

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