Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Easy DIY Sea Salt Cupcakes Using Kraft Caramels

These DIY sea salt caramel cupcakes look so professional you'd never realize they were made from store-bought Kraft caramels and took only a few minutes to make.
I first whipped up a batch of plain chocolate cupcakes.
 I love this recipe because of how the cupcakes dome up once baked .
 I almost always over-fill the cupcakes because I think it just makes them look better.
 Now for the caramels! I took a bag of your typical Kraft caramels and unwrapped them all (which takes forever...especially when it's so tempting to eat a few!)
I used this Morton's Sea Salt, which I've been putting on everything and found at the grocery store for less than $2.00. The flakes are larger and the flavor is slightly stronger than regular salt.
Warming up the caramels, I carefully kneaded and pulled the caramels into a flat, square shape. Adding a sprinkle of salt to the center, I folded the caramels into a shorter rectangular log. For some reason I felt like seeing perfectly square caramels screams "store bought Kraft caramels" but oblong, rectangular caramels seems homemade or gourmet.
To finish them off I added another sprinkle of salt to the top of the caramels, pressing it down slightly to make the salt stick.
 I know it looks like I used a ton of salt, but these were just the right amount of sweet and salty.
 Just stick them on top of the chocolate cupcakes and suddenly they go from being plain and simple cupcakes to looking like really legitimate cupcakes.
 But if that isn't enough for you...
 Top them with some caramel syrup!
I drizzled it back and forth over the whole batch for an extra special touch.
 Just be careful not to drizzle too early, I noticed that the leftover cupcakes after a day became soggy from the caramel drizzle, even the caramels weren't quite as fresh due to the moisture.
The ones eaten right away however were perfectly yummy and I received a lot of compliments on how professional they looked and how it must have taken me hours!
Little did they know it only took me a few minutes...but I won't tell if you don't!